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Funney Online store is a subsidiary of Funney Event Management Ltd. we specialise in a very high-quality fashion that evolves every day. Our online fashion store provides an avenue for good quality unisex clothing both in native African attire and formal corporate wears. Besides, we provide tailor-made clothing for any event such as a wedding, birthday, and any anniversary. Also, we sell bags, clutches, shoe and maintain a balance between the old and the younger age irrespective of the gender. We add to the collection every week, and each addition comes in an array of colours so that our customers have the chance to choose whichever they like best. We believe that the full beauty of a design can be exhibited only when it is created in different colours. Variety is what makes choices easier; that is why we make certain its importance is never lost. 

We specialise in the sale and distribution of wholesale and retail of quality unisex clothing both in native African attire and formal corporate wears. We sell online. There is no compromise on a superior standard; a product is displayed on funney online store only if the sample is approved. The materials used for crafting each product are of the finest quality, and their manufacturing is done with expertise. The bags are mostly made of faux leather whereas the clutches are of silk, satin or Hardcase. The bag is convenient to carry and spacious. From the handles, clasps zip to the clothing material, everything is trendy and top end.

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We are striving to create a secure and reliable platform that will give our customers a better shopping experience. We work with one of the fastest shipping company in Nigeria that would ensure the delivery of your purchased product to your specified address in 9 to 18 working days. Our prices and shipping rates are very affordable, even better than what you get in any part of the world.

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